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2023 UFC Fight Night 8.26.23 Event Pack
0% of cards left Last Updated:7/18/2024 8:44:27 AM You are not logged in, please sign in for updated data.
Imperfect Expected Pack Value: Not available UFC EV will be wrong. With event packs creating tons of cards with no value after the event, it's difficult to find suitable comparisons for every card.
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Total Packs Purchased Packs Unsold Packs Opened Packs Unopened Packs Cards Per Pack
8,273 7,453 (90.09%) 820 (9.91%) 8,043 (97.22%) 230 (2.78%) 5
Pack Sales Analysis
Packs SoldImperfect Expected ValueAverage Pack CostMax Cost Per PackMin Cost Per PackMost Recent Sale
7,453 $19.99 $24.19 on (8/26/2023) $12.99 on (8/26/2023) $14.99 on (11/15/2023)
2023 UFC Fight Night 8.26.23 Event Pack

Total Packs Created: 8,273
Imperfect Expected Pack Value: Not available
Packs Opened: 8,043 (97.22%)
Packs Sold: 7,453
Cards Per Pack: 5
Max Paid: $24.19 on ( 8/26/2023)
Min Paid: $12.99 on (8/26/2023)
Last Sale: $14.99 on (11/15/2023)
Average Sale: $21.66
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When a pack has more than 90% opened, Imperfect Expected Pack Value may be highly volatile and is more prone to errors.
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Rarity Tier Odds for the Pack - Per Card
Rarity TierFutureBaseHighLow
Core 75.13% 75.42% 75.63% (8/25/2023) 74.93% (8/26/2023)
Rare 18.30% 18.85% 18.91% (8/23/2023) 18.15% (8/25/2023)
Elite 4.97% 4.71% 5.14% (8/26/2023) 4.56% (8/24/2023)
Legendary 1.26% 0.94% 1.54% (8/25/2023) 0.88% (8/23/2023)
Reignmaker 0.00% 0.06% 0.07% (8/24/2023) 0.00% (8/26/2023)
Edition Tier Odds for an Core Card
Edition TierFutureBaseHighLow