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2023 ELITE Prize Pack (7/6/23)
0% of cards left Last Updated:6/16/2024 3:49:15 PM You are not logged in, please sign in for updated data.
Imperfect Expected Pack Value: Not available
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Total Packs Purchased Packs Unsold Packs Opened Packs Unopened Packs Cards Per Pack
200 0 (0.00%) 200 (100.00%) 192 (96.00%) 8 (4.00%) 1
Pack Sales Analysis
Packs SoldImperfect Expected ValueAverage Pack CostMax Cost Per PackMin Cost Per PackMost Recent Sale
0 $0.00 Sales Data Is Empty
2023 ELITE Prize Pack (7/6/23)

Total Packs Created: 200
Imperfect Expected Pack Value: Not available
Packs Opened: 192 (96.00%)
Packs Sold: 0
Cards Per Pack: 1
Pack Has Never Been Sold
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When a pack has more than 90% opened, Imperfect Expected Pack Value may be highly volatile and is more prone to errors.
Filter odds and cards by rarity tier:
Rarity Tier Odds for the Pack - Per Card
Rarity TierFutureBaseHighLow
Elite 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% (8/28/2023) 100.00% (8/28/2023)
Edition Tier Odds for an Elite Card
Edition TierFutureBaseHighLow
Group 4 62.50% 51.00% 70.00% (7/13/2023) 50.80% (7/9/2023)
Group 1 12.50% 12.50% 12.50% (6/27/2023) 6.06% (7/10/2023)
Group 2 12.50% 16.00% 16.00% (6/27/2023) 7.14% (7/11/2023)
Group 3 12.50% 20.50% 24.24% (7/10/2023) 10.00% (7/13/2023)