StreamNFT Launches New PGA Tour Homepage for DraftKings Reignmakers Game

To continue the rapid pace of innovation at StreamNFT, today we launched a new Reignmakers PGA Tour Home Page that includes several things Reignmaker Fans will love. You’ll want to bookmark as your new homepage which seamlessly merges performance and projection data with DraftKings marketplace information.
  • A module-based design that allows you to see PGA contests, packs, tournament projections, and tournament results all from a single screen. You can expand any section of interest and move past sections that aren’t.
  • A new content management system that will allow us to crank out more high-quality content driven by data and editorial opinions of the StreamNFT team.
  • A calendar-based view of PGA tournaments featuring both actual results for golfers of completed tournaments, and projections for upcoming tournaments, merged with marketplace data.
  • The unique structure of the page allows you to view performance data directly integrated into floor listings for each golfer, and to choose the rarity tier that you are interested in seeing.
  • Navigate backwards in time and analyze the players who outperformed or underperformed at any given point in time. Think of this as looking at how consensus picks performed.
  • A mobile-friendly interface for browsing from the phone
If you have ideas for us on how to improve this system, please contact us via email, find us on twitter, or Join Our Discord!.